Liana Oram

What I do at MSMS: As the Head of School, I have the privilege and honor of supporting our amazing teachers and staff in their important work with the children.  I also get to work with the other adults in our community to help make Mountain Shadows the best it can be and to spend time with the students who are the reason for our being.

What I love about MSMS: I love the energy and passion of the people in our community.  We all share the common goal to support the growth and development of our students and that makes this a very special place.

Mountains or beach? They both have their charm, but I am a mountain person.  I like my water in the form of lakes and rivers.

Something you are learning as an adult: I am learning to fly fish and all the things that go along with that  – identifying bugs, reading the river, knot tying, casting, and, hopefully soon, fly tying.

A favorite destination:  Scott and I are enjoying exploring the national parks, so that would have to be my favorite destination.  We are trying to see them all and are almost at the half-way point!

Words to live by:  My mother always told us to “leave a place better that you found it”.  This might mean picking up a piece of litter in a park or having an impact on the people you come in contact with, but I try to think of ways I can do that on a daily basis.