Justin Garber

What I do at MSMS: I am the Upper Elementary Teacher. I hold a Masters Degree in Montessori Elementary Education and an International Teaching Certificate from the Washington Montessori Institute at Loyola University.

What I love about MSMS: Mountain Shadows has been around for 40 years. This school has proven year after year to be the best. We are AMI accredited which allows us to follow the most strict guidelines put in place in order to serve the children at the highest capacity possible. At Mountain Shadows we educate children to be capable, functioning members of society who hold peace close to their heart.

Mountains or beach? I live in the mountains now and used to live at the beach in Charleston, SC. I love them both and need them both in my life. For now, I’m loving living in the mountains.

Something you are learning as an adult: I am always playing the guitar and listening to music whether recorded or live. Some of my best friends are in the music industry and I love helping with tour management and hospitality. I live my life one song at a time.

Early riser or night owl? My whole family is filled with night owls. My grandmother still stays up until after midnight almost every night. I love to be up late, but being a teacher has taught me to be an earlier riser than the rest of my family. It’s give and take.

Words to live by: My grandmother and I talk everyday. She is 94. When we say our goodbyes she tells me to remember our saying. “Don’t trade the thrill of a moment for a lifetime of misery.” These words have served me well.