A commitment to the environment and the future of our children is inherent in Montessori education and philosophy. Throughout their years in our guidance, children and their families are given the information as well as the opportunity to understand and connect with their surrounding environments, natural and human.
Montessori education honors and nurtures personal responsibility in each individual according to their maturity and capability. The adults in their lives have  responsibility to these, and to all children, to help create a world where they can fully develop their own potential to be contributing citizens in their families, schools, communities and a healthy planet.
Schools throughout Boulder County are partnering with Eco-Cycle to move toward Zero Waste through increased recycling, the implementation of composting, and special waste reduction activities. The project is part of Eco-Cycle’s award-winning  School Recycling and Environmental Education Program. The Green Star Schools are the first in the nation to reduce waste in every aspect of school life. As a result of implementing the program, up to two-thirds of the discards from each of the Green Star Schools is kept out of landfills.

Mountain Shadows was certified in 2012 and continues to be one of the few private schools with the certification.