Brenda Christiansen

What I do at MSMS: I have the privilege of guiding 6-9 year old children during their lower elementary journey.

What I love about MSMS: The people! The staff, parents, and children are committed to making the world a more peace filled place through our collaboration.

Mountains or beach? A beach surrounded by mountains.

Book or movie? Book.

Something you are learning as an adult: How to play an instrument.  I began taking ukulele lessons in 2017, and am now taking piano lessons!

Pet(s)?: Caleb, a Golden Retriever rescue.

Words to live by: “The most precious gift we can offer is our presence.  When mindfulness embraces those we really love, they will bloom like flowers.” ~Thich Nhat Hahn

First car: 1968 VW Beetle

A hobby: I love to read an usually have 4-6 books going at once.