Ashley Garber

What I do at MSMS: Lead Primary Teacher for 3-6 year old children. 

What I love about MSMS: The beautiful campus and our sense of community. 

Mountains or beach? Both! I grew up going to the Outer Banks in North Carolina for family vacations, and lived on an island while I attended college in Charleston, South Carolina. I moved to Colorado in 2011 to be closer to the mountains and have loved every minute of it!

Book or movie? Books! I could spend all day browsing a bookstore.

Something you are learning as an adult: That learning never ends- there’s always something new to discover. 

Early riser or night owl? I am slowly becoming an early riser the older I get, and I’m not mad about it 🙂 

A favorite destination: Any place new and exciting that I have never explored before. Some of my past favorite places include strolling the streets of Paris, relaxing on the beach in Hawaii, riding a moped through Jamaica, and camping in Big Sur California. 

Pets?: I had a pug named Amelia for 13 years who I miss everyday! Right now I have a sweet dog named Lucy who is a white lab mix, and a handsome long-haired black and white cat named Ziggy Stardust.

First car: A navy blue Volvo sedan.

A hobby: When I’m not in the classroom, I love seeing live music or planning my next travel adventure.