“My 20-month-old daughter is in the Young Child’s Community which is one of a kind really, and she has progressed so rapidly we are amazed at her development of vocabulary, counting, communication and motor skills, coordination, and independence.” Former YCC Parent.

The Mountain Shadows Young Child’s Community offers your child many characteristics of traditional childcare, but as a school we are so much more. We are the foundation for your child’s future learning.

This program maximizes the development of young children through a beautifully prepared classroom environment, rich in exploration and developmentally appropriate activities, which guide the young child in his or her quest for independence and mastery of self.

We  offer activities to assist in the development of gross and fine motor skills, language, art, music, and self-expression. The area of practical life in a Montessori community is foundational, offering exercises in caring for the environment (both indoor and outdoor), caring for self, and refinement of grace and courtesy. All exercises are designed to develop coordination and independence and encourage contributing to the community, which leads to increased respect for the environment and others.

A young child develops the foundation for a strong personality when work is carried out in full concentration. This is achieved by engaging in purposeful activities, which completely absorb the child and fulfill their urge to explore.

We are much more than daycare.