Montessori Young Child’s Community, Primary and Elementary Programs

The classrooms at Mountain Shadows Montessori School are consistent from one level to another and consistent from one teacher to another. Each teacher is an AMI diploma holder intensively trained in classroom setup, organization, and instruction with age-appropriate Montessori materials  available in every classroom. Thus, your child’s Montessori experience will be of the highest quality, in any classroom that he or she attends.

Much More Than Daycare & Preschool

Many parents think of daycare and preschool as places where children learn their alphabet, color, sing songs, and learn to be part of a group. At Mountain Shadows, we understand your child’s early years have vast potential for so much more. That’s why we can say we are much more than daycare and preschool…we build the foundation for your child’s future learning.  To learn more, please see More Than Daycare and Preschool.

The Five-Day Schedule

To fulfill our promise of offering the highest quality Montessori education in Colorado, all Mountain Shadows Montessori programs run on five-day-a-week schedules. We offer a choice between half-day and full-day schedules in the Young child’s Community and the Primary programs.

The five-day schedule supports children’s need for consistency, minimizes disruption in their learning and development, and develops a sense of belonging within the classroom community. To learn more, please see Benefits of a Five-Day Montessori Program.

juice squeezingYoung Child’s Community
(12m–3 years)

The Young Child’s Community serves children from twelve months of age to three years. This program maximizes the development of young children through a beautifully prepared environment. An adult with an “Assistants to Infancy” (prenatal through 3-years) diploma from the Association Montessori International, prepares an environment rich in exploration and developmentally appropriate activities which guide the young child in his or her quest for independence and mastery of self.

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Primary (3-6 years)

During these years, your child absorbs information effortlessly. That’s why the Primary classrooms at Mountains Shadows are filled with an array of colorful, exciting, and stimulating Montessori materials. Children in the Primary classes are encouraged to move, touch, and explore their classroom. This carefully prepared classroom environment encourages discovery and fosters your child’s development of independence, concentration, sequential thought, and controlled physical movement.

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(1st-6th grades)

The goal of the Elementary Program at Mountain Shadows is to support children in deepening their interest in the earth and culture in which they live, and to assist them in learning how to work gainfully with others. The childrens’ new ability to use reason and imagination allow them to explore and discover in a more abstract way.  This allows the children to develop an appreciation for our world and encourages them to become a contributing member of their community.

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Extended Hours

For the busy family, extended hours care allows you to drop off your child as early as 7:30 and pickup as late as 5:30pm.

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