Concentration. Can’t vs. Won’t.  Trinomial Cube. Clause Analysis. Fine Motor Development in YCC. Cube Root. Independence. – These are some of the 10 classes offered at the first MSMS Parent Academy earlier this month.

The structure of this all-school parent education night stemmed from an expressed interest by our parents to learn more about the theory and materials that support the children in our classroom.  Over 20 MSMS parents selected the classes they were interested in and joined us for the opportunity work with our amazing faculty in a small group setting.

Here is some of the feedback we received from the participants…

What did you learn?

        “Too much to list!”

        “…new ways to support my child.”

What surprised you?

        “How the three-dimensional pieces correspond to algebra and only fit together in a certain way.” (Trinomial Cube)

        “That complimenting and rewarding…may make the child feel less independent…” (Independence)

        “Opens your mind to a whole new way of thinking.” (Can’t vs. Won’t)

How was this different from what you remember from school?

        “…more intuitive and self-explanatory.”

        “This is significantly different from my experience. (In my school experience), concentration was much more forced that encouraged through environment and opportunity.” (Concentration)

        “Hands on – love it!” (Clause Analysis)

General Comments

        “I want to come back and take the classes I didn’t take!”

         “Love this format – engaging, fun informative.” 

Based on this feedback, we will be looking for ways to repeat and expand this format.   Please watch for our second MSMS Parent Academy and make plans to attend!

MSMS Parent Academy 2018

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