New and veteran parents left the January 18 State of the School presentation with an excitement for the future as the Mountain Shadows Board of the Directors celebrated the school’s 40-year history, shared its mid-year focus, and described ways to engage the parent community in plans for growth during their annual State of the School presentation.

The 2017-18 MSMS Board of Directors

The Board is responsible to make fiduciary decisions for the next generation of students. It is responsible to create and implement the school’s strategic plan. All board decisions are mission-driven. The board insures operational excellence through its Head of School.

  • Polly Buster (P ’01, ’06) President
  • Scott Dooley (P ’14) Secretary
  • Mary Strynar (P ’16)
  • Terri Allen, AMI Consultant

School Highlights of the Past Year

  • The Board hired Liana Oram as Head of School!
  • We have completed AMI YCC and Elementary consultations fall and look forward to Primary consultations this month.
  • A new marketing brochure was printed just this week and parents will be asked to share them with family, friends, and co-workers considering school choice.
  • Outdoor Environment Improvements include:
    • A new playground structure and natural log bridge;
    • Planted new shade trees
    • THANK YOU to the many donors, past and present, who made this possible
    • More improvements coming over the next year

Current Enrollment
76 Students

  • 50 percent Primary (38 students)
  • 25 percent Lower El (19 students)
  • 13.2 percent Upper El (10 students)
  • 11.8 percent YCC (9 students)

2016-17 Financials
By school standards the balance sheet is healthy with $1.7 million in assets and reserves.

  • More than 75 percent of the 2016-17 operating budget of $1.3 million is salaries and benefits.
  • The goal continues to return to being 100% tuition-funded operationally.

Fund Development

The school receives tuition, so why is fundraising so important? Tuition does not cover the entire cost of educating a child. Therefore we depend on fundraising for:

  • Program expansions
  • Capital improvements
  • Employee benefits
  • Replenishing reserves
  • Covering operating expense

The Childcare Contribution Credit is a Win-Win

This is an opportunity to allocate your tax dollars where you want them to go! For tax years 2018-19, the Child Care Contribution Credit is available. Mountain Shadows Montessori School is a qualified child care facility in the State of Colorado, which means that your monetary donation, up to $200,000, to the school qualifies for a 50% child care contribution credit on your state income tax return.

Beginning in 2018, funds from your 529 savings account can be used for tuition at Mountain Shadows. This could save you money on your state taxes (please consult your tax advisor).

2018-19 Tuition and Re-Enrollment

  • Tuition increase is 5.9%
  • Contracts automatically renew on March 1 (April 10 if awaiting tuition assistance decision)
  • The new family referral is extended (for Primary and Elementary referrals) offering a $2,500 reduction in net tuition for referring family, $1,500 reduction in net tuition for new family in the second year.

Mid-Year Focus: What are we Working on; What’s Important!

  • Supporting enrollment growth through retention, referral program and word of mouth marketing, and community awareness.
  • Fundraising: This year’s Annual Fund goal is $40,000 and 100% family participation of any amount that is personally significant as is community outreach.
  • Board Membership and Development by identifying strengths and skill sets that complement and enhance the existing board and its committees.

Thank you Terri Allen!
A Mountain Shadows Board member, AMI consultant, former interim head of school, and classroom teacher, Terri has served the MSMS community for more than two decades and is transitioning into retirement!

2018 State of the School Presentation

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