One elementary student’s study of birds and another’s on roadrunners led to those students inviting representatives from the Rocky Mountain Raptor Program, to Mountain Shadows. The RMRP rescues, rehabilitates and releases injured birds of prey.

Program volunteers brought a Screech Owl and Swainson’s Hawk, both of which are permanently disabled and travel as part of the program’s education outreach. Their presence helped distinguish what classifies a bird as a raptor; – a hunting bird (carnivore) with talons.

The Primary children enjoyed an eagle’s nest simulation- demonstrating how many small children can fit into a nest. Older children were treated to the hawk snacking on rabbit meat.

The two students shared what they learned during their independent studies: that male birds have bright wings to attract females and that roadrunners live primarily in the southwest- in New Mexico.

Then they shared their reaction to the live presentation, “You learn a lot, how injured birds are cared for, and you get to see them up close.

“And you can see a hawk feed on rabbit meat!” enthusiastically said the other.



Rocky Mountain Raptor Program Visits MSMS

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