Boulder native, Elaine Pease, author of Ghost Over Boulder Creek and Safe at Last, spent Thursday morning with both Elementary I and II classes discussing those books, and others and the process of writing a book, from inspiration to publication.

The Elementary I class read Safe at Last earlier this year. It is a chapter book inspired by the Colorado Horse Rescue in Longmont. The book tells the stories of horses from rescue through adoption.

Three Elementary students were so inspired by the book that they researched and wrote follow-up studies and planned a going out to the Colorado Horse Rescue.

Ella Munsat wrote a 50-page horse study based on Pease’s book while Caitlyn Grindel and Nicole Peterson researched and reported on the most important horse breeds in the world.

“The going out to the Horse Rescue was really interesting,” shared Ella. “We met a number of horses, including companion horses (ones that can’t be ridden), learned of their stories and future.

“I’m really glad we got to go,” added Caitlyn.

They also noticed that on the inside back cover of the book along with Pease’s biography was a message that read, “If in Colorado, then I can come.” This inspired Pease’s visit.

Pease shared how she gets ideas for her books, how they are illustrated, and are published.

“Some of her books are based on stories she has seen on the news,” explained Caitlyn. “Tallie’s Christmas Lights Surprise! A Holiday Whodunit was based on a Christmas news story she saw.”

Ella was surprised to learn that it can be the simplest things that make a great story to write about. I’ll Never Leave was written when Pease saw a single leaf dangling from a tree while hiking in November.

Caitlyn concluded, “She takes what she loves and turns them into books.”

Boulder Author Inspires Elementary Readers

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