Third-year Elementary students were inspired by a recent lesson on fundamental needs and collaborated on follow-up work to further deepen their understanding of their personal connection to all people through time no matter where or when they lived.

Their charts demonstrate how all humans have material needs: food, water, shelter; while spiritual or intangible needs (religion, culture, beauty and art) make life easier. How these needs are met for any group of people is determined by the geography and climate in which they live.

The creation of these intertwined charts can lead to an acknowledgement and appreciation of how one culture’s or generation’s needs are satisfied. It also can help form educated opinions which are built upon from generation to generation.

“Throughout time we all need the same things, but have different ideas of what those things are. For example, a cave versus a townhouse,” explained Everett.

Oliver added, “It makes me realize we’re more alike than I thought we were. Every human is so unique, yet our needs are so similar.”

Everett concluded, “Without the technology, tools, and mechanisms to obtain similar needs that we have today, humans thousands of years ago had to work a lot harder than we do today.”



A Human’s Fundamental Needs

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