In providing an environment for children to develop respect for others and a moral responsibility to society, students often seek ways to support the local community.

Mountain Shadows third-year Elementary students Olivia Cipriani and Ella Munsat present Longmont Humane Society Director of Development Kelly Kanemoto with funds raised by the class during the School’s annual Fall Fest.

At the beginning of the school year all third-year students set leadership goals including the beneficiary of the class’ annual fundraising efforts. Knowing the group wanted to focus on animals, they selected the Longmont Humane Society.

Money raised through the sale of handmade crafts will support the cost of an animal that enters the Humane Society’s care, which includes vaccinations, food, and treats.

“I was surprised to learn how much is needed for just one animal,” Ella said following a tour of the Humane Society facility. “We feel proud to help.”

Elementary I Class Donates To Humane Society

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