tallenMountain Shadows Montessori School Board of Directors
President Polly Buster has announced that the School will re-open its Head of School search and that long-time AMI Consultant and current MSMS Board of Directors member Terri Allen will lead on the school on an interim basis through the 2016-17 school year, effective July 1.

Ms. Allen will succeed Ann Kasunich, who will be stepping down from her role as current head of school this summer.

“Mountain Shadows continues to be the fortunate benefactor of Terri Allen’s generosity, leadership, and respected AMI career,” said Ms. Buster.  “Her commitment to our school and understanding of our students, families, staff, and culture makes her the ideal Interim Head of School and sets the stage for a smooth and coherent transition”.

Ms. Allen came to Montessori through her children, helping friends open a school, then working in that school as secretary, Primary assistant, Elementary teacher, administrator, finally, establishing and running an Assistants to Infancy (prenatal to three years) classroom program. This involved AMI trainings at two levels (Elementary (6-12 years) and Assistance to Infancy (0-3 years)), two state certifications, and a master’s degree in education.

In 2002 she became an AMI/USA Assistants to Infancy consultant, visiting schools and centers in the United States, supporting teachers in their efforts to prepare developmentally appropriate environments and to utilize Montessori theory and pedagogical practice to facilitate each child’s unique development as a competent human being.

She has spoken at schools and conferences, including North American Montessori Teachers Association (NAMTA) workshops focusing on the young child and the New Zealand National Montessori Conference, as well as being guest lecturer on the infant’s home environment for The Montessori Institute, AMI 0-3 training center, in Denver.

Ms. Allen has held several roles at Mountain Shadows over the years, including member of the Board of Directors as its AMI consultant for 10 years serving as the School’s pedagogical advisor and as Elementary II teacher in an interim capacity.

”I can’t imagine a more valuable cause to come out of semi-retirement to serve,” concluded Ms. Allen.

Terri Allen Named Interim Head of School