Kelly is as much a student of Montessori as she is a teacher, continuously studying the philosophy, sharing her ability to see the uniqueness of each child, and giving them the tools to recognize this themselves. Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 4.15.29 PMAttending a Montessori school at 4 years old was the start of her journey that took her to a B.A. in elementary and environmental education prior to earning her AMI diploma at the Teacher Training Center of Northern California. She attended Educator San Frontieres in Burgos, Spain where she studied and become friends with Dr. Maria Montessori’s granddaughter, Renilde Montessori.

Hometown: Mountainhome, Pennsylvania

How did you end up at Mountain Shadows? It was a very beautiful transition. We were meant to be here!

Describe yourself in a nutshell: A nurturer.

You moved to Frederick earlier this year. What would most Boulderites be surprised to learn about Frederick? You can see more stars at night. We’re in the country and there are a lot of back roads. I love driving the back roads.

If you could be any Montessori material, what would you be and why? Flower arranging. I love to make things beautiful.

You were a Montessori student when you were 4 years old. What do you most remember? I remember there was a balance beam in the classroom. (We have an ellipse in our classroom to develop balance and concentration.)

What do you love about being a Montessori mom: I love my child’s independence and that he thinks outside of the box.

The AMI Refresher is next weekend. What are you most looking forward to? Being refreshed in the philosophy of the method.

People would be surprised if they knew: I lived in a Tipi in the Aspen area from 1997-99.

Your most unusual job held: I was a fry girl in the cafeteria at the Alpine Mountain ski lodge in the Poconos.

Your guilty pleasure is: Dancing by myself.

You never turn down: Hugging a tree.

Your favorite book/movie as a child was:The Black Stallion.

Your most frequent online searches are for: Medicinal Herb remedies.

What do you like to do in your free time? Enjoy a warm bath.

What is your favorite vacation place? California. I love the diversity of ecosystems, especially the Redwoods near the ocean.

Getting to Know Kelly Crabtree, Primary Teacher