A presentation highlighting the potential future growth and expansion of the school and alumni accomplishments in the arts, sciences, technology, on Earth and beyond were the focus of the Mountain Shadows Board of Directors Annual Strategic Presentation to the community Thursday night.

Board Chair Polly Buster and members parents Mark Sladden (Silas ‘23) and Paul Algreen (Casey ’15), and AMI consultant Terri Allen gave an upbeat review of the school’s programs, balance sheet, accomplishments, mid-term goals and positive outlook for the nearly 40-year-old school’s future.

An emphasis of discussion was placed in the following areas:

Balance Sheet (Paul Algreen)

  • Very healthy
  • Comfortable where the school is at, in both total assets and debt to equity ratio


A review of all four programs was shared and concluded that Mountain Shadows continues to run its school the way Maria Montessori envisioned.


Enrollment has been steady, and we want to grow without any sacrifice of quality.


  • Investment in marketing and communications
  • Capital Improvements
  • Repaired and re-sealed parking lot
  • Replaced section of playground tube
  • New floor, counters, sinks and cabinets in Koral’s Primary Classroom
  • New floor, counters, sinks and paint in MPR bathrooms
  • Improved cubbies in Ciara’s room
  • Stabilized wood ramp
  • Repaired bridge railing between parking lot and front lawn
  • Replaced stairs from courtyard down to lower level (near YCC and Koral’s back entrance)
  • Gazebo repairs and repainting (Paul Young — parent — did the work.   THANK YOU PAUL!)
  • Replaced failed PBX (phone system)
  • Upgraded Internet service
  • Board of Directors: Big thank you to Frank Buono and Erik Salo who are transitioning off the Board this year.

Mid-Term Focus

The immediate focus of the Board is smart growth and expansion. A lot of background research has already been done and future exploration is needed. When you have a group of committed passionate parents, anything can happen, and has happened (i.e. construction of MPR was parent driven.

  • Build an enrollment pipeline starting with a YCC expansion – the addition of a second classroom
  • Middle School
  • Expansion of school, an East Boulder County location
  • With two board members transitioning off, now is an opportunity to identify potential board members that complement and enhance the board’s strengths and skillsets.
  • Addition of new board members


  • Mountain Shadows provides the foundation for young people to be successful.
  • This education takes our alumni in many different directions.
  • As the 40th anniversary of the school approaches, there is a greater need to locate and cultivate alumni; and share their stories.

Call to Action

  • Contact Ann if you’re interested in expansion committees and other board committees.
  • If you’re spontaneous or have business in the Atlanta area Feb. 13, attend the AMI Refresher conference for the NAMTA Adolescent Workshop: http://www.montessori-namta.org/PDF/Atlanta2015FINAL.pdf
On Growth and Expansion