Before she goes on maternity leave, we had to catch up with Lacey

She came to Mountain Shadows from The Bergamo School in Denver in 2012. It was at Bergamo where she fell in love with the Montessori method as well as the beautiful learning environment that it offers. In 2010 she enrolled in the Assistance to Infancy training for birth through age 3 at The Montessori Institute, an AMI training center in Denver. When you see Lacey in the classroom is obvious that she loves working with the toddler age children.


Describe yourself in a nutshell: Outgoing, fun, silly, kind, and thoughtful.

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

How did you land in the Denver area? I wanted to go as far away from home as I could after high school, so I moved to Steamboat Springs and became a ski bum for a few years. Then I wanted to go to school so I moved to Denver and attended Metropolitan State University of Denver.

What is it about the Toddler program that you enjoy most? I have always loved working with Toddlers. They are so much fun. I love watching them learn new words and grow into such amazing people. They grow and change so much on a daily basis. They are keep me on my toes and laughing everyday.

The title of your autobiography would be: From The South with Love

How did you get into teaching Montessori? I started working in a Montessori school in their after-care program when I was in college. I quickly became an assistant in one of their toddler programs and instantly feel in love. It was amazing to me how quickly these children learned and how calm and beautiful the classrooms were. The more I learned the more I fell in love. Looking back, school was challenging for me and if I would have Montessori in my life I know I wouldn’t have struggled so much.

Favorite book/movie as a child: My favorite book as an older child were the American Girl books and my favorite movie would have been Goonies.

What books are on your nightstand now? I’m readingBirthing from Within. I am hoping it helps me when it comes time to have this baby.

Your guilty pleasure is: Country music and French fries with mayo.

The item ALWAYS in your refrigerator: Pickled okra.

What do you love most about MSMS?  I love MSMS most for its love of the children and for the authenticity to AMI and the Montessori method.

People would be surprised if they knew: I played softball in the Georgia State Olympics in high school.

Your most unusual job held: I worked as a candy striper at a hospital when I was in high school.

Your most frequent online searches are for:  Baby names because we haven’t chosen a name yet.

What is your “Montessori Moment”? When I was working as an assistant in a toddler environment and was observing a 17-month-old child working so quietly, peacefully, and working with so much concentration on hand washing at a basin. I was so shocked that a child that young and small could concentrate on one thing for so long. It was so beautiful!

You never turn down: Shopping

If you were a Montessori material, what would you be and why? Flower arranging. I’m not really sure why I have always been drawn to this work since I took my training. The children are so peaceful and careful when they do this work. This work also includes pouring which is very calming and makes our environment so pretty with fresh flowers.

What made you giggle this week while at MSMS? I’m always laughing in the YCC. The children are always saying or doing funny things. Im very grateful for the funny moments the children show me it’s a great reminder not to take life so seriously.

What do you like to do in your free time? I love to be outside, Yoga, hang out with my friends and I really enjoy going to concerts.

What baby item are you most looking forward to using?  I’m really excited to use our new jogging stroller.

What are you most looking forward to returning to do after your baby girl is born next month?  I’m really excited to wear pants with buttons again and also to get back to my pre-pregnancy workout classes.

You are a big Georgia Bulldogs fan. What are some of your favorite pastimes surrounding games?  My dad went to school at UGA and in the south college football is like a religion. I remember watching football or going to games with my dad and always wearing red and black on Saturdays. Tailgating in Athens is always fun too! It’s a really cool thing to be a part of every year. Maybe one day we will even win a championship. I’m looking forward to taking my daughter to some games when she is older and continuing the family tradition. Even my husband is a Dawg fan now!

What you enjoy most about your commute to/from Arvada? I guess the one nice thing about commuting is that I get to listen to music or a good book on tape.

What makes you crazy about your commute to/from Arvada?  Driving on Highway 36 during rush hour!

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