Our Young Child's Community teachers gave our parents wonderful lessons at Parent Education Night where we learned how language is taught in Montessori.
Our Young Child’s Community teachers presented wonderful lessons at Parent Education Night. Parents learned how language is taught in the Montessori continuum for children 1 year in age through the 6th grade.

Children are driven to master language because they innately understand that it is the key to human communication. Infants watch our faces and mouths so very closely when we talk because their survival depends on it. Primary children (3-6 year olds) have a Sensitive Period for oral language that is shared with the birth-3 year old as well as a Sensitive Period for written language. The Primary child understands that letters and writing are extensions of their ability to communicate. Elementary children, who are growing in their awareness of their place in society, seize the opportunity to share their thoughts across time and distances through writing, beyond their immediate social group. Join us for discussion, language lessons, student presentations, and examples of students’ work in the MPR.

The Development of Language – Parent Education Night, Thursday March 13