The term “Montessori” is not trademarked, so different schools interpret it with varying degrees of fidelity to Dr. Maria Montessori’s original work and vision. Mountain Shadows is accredited by the Association Montessori Internationale, or AMI, which Dr. Montessori established in 1929 to preserve the integrity of her method and her life’s work. That means your child will receive a true Montessori education at Mountain Shadows, building a strong foundation for life.

The Montessori approach is based on the belief that education is a natural process of growth in an individual. The method is based on the developmental stages of growth of the child. As the child’s needs change, the program changes to reflect and meet those needs. All of our highly skilled teachers have passed rigorous training in the Montessori method to demonstrate and ensure consistent adherence to all the Montessori principles and techniques.

The beauty of Dr. Montessori’s pedagogy is that it is a universal approach. The method has been applied successfully throughout the world, regardless of a student’s gender, race, nationality, culture, or socio-economic level.

The Montessori Method and Philosophy