Because the Montessori method is based on a carefully prepared physical and psychological environment, a Montessori classroom has a unique look and feel to it.

First, it is clean, calming, organized, and attractive. Unlike traditional classrooms, where countless bulletin boards, posters, and banners can create visual chaos and distractions, the Montessori environment is orderly and highly conducive to concentration. The inviting work areas and the appeal of the learning materials are not an accidental arrangement. The materials are arranged to isolate key steps in the acquisition of knowledge and students are given adequate time and space to explore them, concentrate on their work, and work to their own satisfaction. These major distinctions from other educational methods are what allow children to master specific concepts, as well as make connections between subjects.

Space is arranged to accommodate either quiet, introspective concentration or more collaborative work. Quiet corners for reading may be complete with armchairs and table lamps. A table by a window may serve as an inspiring writing area. The flow and layout of the room afford children the freedom (within limits) to pursue their own needs while learning to respect the needs of others.

The Montessori Classroom