Respect for others and the community is an essential part of Mountain Shadows’ mission. Each day, for example, our Elementary children discuss ways to solve the common daily interactions that sometimes go awry, as well as appreciate each other by offering supportive comments and helpful assistance. At Mountain Shadows, our students develop the ability to solve problems and demonstrate respect for each other.

An example from our primary classrooms is when a child accidentally knocks over learning materials, creating noise and a potential distraction, other children will generously assist in the cleanup. Without chiding or tears, the matter is handled in a mature manner that demonstrates confidence, respect, calmness, and community respect across the board.

This respect for others extends outside the classroom. Community involvement projects at Mountain Shadows include recycling, collecting resources for the needy, reaching out to children in other schools, and becoming more aware of the social universe. Children participate in discussions that become increasingly complex as they get older, expanding their understanding—and appreciation—of the interdependency of human systems.

Respect for others and the Community