As an adult, you enjoy the process of discovery as you learn a new skill, practice an art, or improve your game. You probably also appreciate the assistance of someone who clearly understands the basics and is willing to share her and his expertise and help you gain prowess.

Children are like us. They love to collaborate with adults who know what they need and who can help them do what they are interested in doing. This mutual respect and support creates a natural and nurturing environment for learning, and children thrive in these conditions. That’s what we offer at Mountain Shadows Montessori School.

Is this approach effective in instilling a love of learning? Well, we often see children choose to do more challenging activity than we would have suggested, because they love the exhilaration of the attempt. This true love of learning is evidenced in their eagerness, both at home and at school. One Mountain Shadows student was heard to say, “Sometimes I cry on Saturday because there is no school.”

Instilling a True Love of Learning